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Comodo Dragon 123.0.6312.123

Cut-down version of Google Chrome with some security extras

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
Software Cost:
Hobbies & Home Entertainment
Date Updated:
24 April 2024
Downloads To Date:
Download Size:
24.00 MB

Comodo Dragon is a free browser based on Google Chrome, with some additional enhancements to increase security and protect your privacy.

If you visit a secure site that has a domain-only certificate, for instance, then most browsers will accept it without question. Comodo Dragon, however, will point out that this may not be reliable. Domain-only certificates are available to anyone, at low cost and with no verification, so shouldn't be regarded as conclusive proof of identity.

Comodo Dragon is equally cautious with your personal information. The company point out: "Other Chromium Project-based browsers refer software errors to remote servers. When it finds software errors, Comodo Dragon responds with error messages found on the PC browser, keeping information about the user's Internet travels private."

You also get a shiny new set of browser icons, which give Comodo Dragon an appealing look. And the browser's memory footprint is a little reduced, because Comodo doesn't include some features that are standard in the current version of Chrome, like bookmark sync and extensions support.


A good looking Chrome variant, which may be worth a try if you like the browser and don't mind the lack of support for extensions

Your Comments & Opinion

I love the browser
16 July 2013 16:30, M M
clean interface , very quick,very responsible & very safe.
Comodo Dragon supports Extensions
22 June 2013 12:22, Kafshiel
I don't understand the error in saying that Dragon won't support extensions because i use it with Ghostery, WOT & AdBlockPlus and they all work fine! Be so kind as to remove that error from your review please. Thanks.
Paul murphy
16 April 2013 20:44, paul murphy
use comodo browser for 2 years 99 percent of apps work fine will not allow toolbars like AVG nortonand others thats fine by me.
Comodo Dragon
15 February 2012 00:58, Nicholas Jones
I use this because a, you can set dns through Comodo servers, & b, for banking and internet transactions. Give it a go for those uses only. The updates, not a frequently updated as Chrome, are not generally so huge as Chrome. Does not have aero glass though, if your into all that crap. Don't download some stupid glass app leave the theme on default. Safer.
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