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Drive Genius 3.0

Maintain your Mac's hard drive with this powerful disk utility

Operating Systems:
Trial Software
Prosoft Engineering
Software Cost:
$99.00 (Mac)
System & Desktop Tools
Date Updated:
05 May 2010
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Download Size:
27.34 MB

Your hard drive is an essential component of your computer and as such it is important that it is looked after properly. If you are starting to find that your Mac is running more slowly than it used to, you're running out of disk space or you're suffering from other problems, it may be time to take a look at Drive Genius.

This utility is actually a collection of several hard drive related tools which enable to your monitor and control every aspect of your hard drive. Drive Pulse is a monitoring tool that checks the state of your hard drive and alerts you to the existence of potential problems while Enhanced Repartition enables you to shrink or enlarge your partitions to allow for better file management.

Drive Slim can be used to free up disk space and once this has been done you can turn to Enhanced Defrag to reorganise the files one your drive for faster performance. There are a range of other tools available including a secure file shredder, drive cloning, disk repair facility and sector editor.

With benchmarking available so you can check the performance of your drives, and the ability to fix a wide range of disk related problems, Drive Genius provides all-important maintenance tools that no Mac user should be without - but it does come at a price.


A health check and performance boost for your hard drive - something no one should be without.

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