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Love Dynamic Desktop? Move up to 24 Hour Wallpaper

02 October 2018, Chris Wiles

We’ve worked for years with potential eye strain and it’s only recently we’re taking it seriously. The first step was Apple adding a warmer edge to the desktop panel, so by the end of the day you wouldn’t be looking at an LCD displaying sharp blue light.

Mojave introduced Dynamic Desktop, which will transition your wallpaper, so it matches both the time of day, your location and the ever-changing sunrise/sunset. Dynamic Desktop will show a bright wallpaper middle of the day, but by 10pm you’ll be seeing a nighttime scene.

Dynamic Desktop is clever enough to change your wallpaper depending on the time of year. For example, the wallpaper you’d see 3pm on June the 1st would be very different than the same wallpaper 3pm on December 1st. Why? It’s getting dark by 4pm and you won’t want a bright blue wallpaper mid-afternoon on a cold winter’s afternoon.

24 Hour Wallpaper includes 58 variations, each with 24 transitions

One problem for us is that Dynamic Desktop doesn’t often appear to offer enough variation. Apple has limited the images to 16 slides, meaning you may see the same wallpaper for 3-4 hours in the middle of the day (understandable when the midday sun is overhead). There are also only 2 selections with Mojave, which include a fantastic view of the Mojave desert and a simple colour transition.

Step up 24 Hour Wallpaper. Although 24 Hour Wallpaper is a $6.99 purchase, it is a step up for all Dynamic Desktop fans. This simple app offers 58 different wallpaper variations, including the globe, images of New York and the Yosemite mountain range. Supplied in 3K and 5K image formats, suitable for your MacBook through iMac Pro, you’ll receive professional dynamic photography for your desktop, transitioning (like Dynamic Desktop) through the day.

Unlike Dynamic Desktop, the 58 wallpaper choices include 24 transitions, so expect subtle changes, even at midday. We’re impressed and the app represents excellent value considering the quality of the photographer. You could create your own Dynamic Desktop, but this isn’t an easy process. Capturing a scene from sunrise through sunset requires patience and a lot of time.

Download 24 Hour Wallpaper and upgrade your Mojave Dynamic Desktop experience.

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