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WinDynamicDesktop will transition your Windows 10 wallpaper from day to night

22 August 2018, Chris Wiles

Since OS X and Windows 10 implemented a ‘dark mode’, we spend far longer with this option than the traditional lighter desktop as it’s better on our eyes. It’s also annoying having to manually transition between the two. It’s one or the other.

With the forthcoming Mojave due this September, Apple is taking this a stage further. The new OS X will include 16 wallpapers which will seamlessly transition your desktop from morning to evening, as you work. The brightest wallpaper will be displayed early in the dayon a morning, but by the evening you’ll see a dark blue wallpaper which suits the time of day (and assuming you’re still working post 8 pm).

WinDynamicDesktop will transition your wallpaper from day to night

WinDynamicDesktop is a brand new tool from the official Microsoft store which will offer exactly the same process for your Windows 10 computer, using the 16 Mojave wallpapers.

When you first start WinDynamicDesktop, you’ll be asked for your location. This is important as the tool will transition your wallpaper depending on the time of day. WinDynamicDesktop will sit quietly in the background, available from your System Tray, slowly altering your wallpaper as you work. You can manually choose between dark and light mode by right-clicking the option from the tool and choose whether it boots with your PC.

You’re not limited by the 16 Mojave wallpapers, either. If you (or someone else) feels creative, you can produce your own theme and simply edit the images.conf file to accommodate the images.

And that’s it. That’s all it does. But it does this particularly well and if you love the forthcoming Mojave wallpaper and the new ‘Dynamic Desktop’ feature, we suggest you get this tool as soon as possible before Apple’s legal team demand it is removed from the official Microsoft Store.

Download WinDynamicDesktop.

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