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Dashlane 6 unveils VPN, secure document storage and other identity protecting tools

27 July 2018, Nick Peers

dashlane-200x175Dashlane SAS has unveiled Dashlane 6.0.1, a major new version of its password manager for Windows and Mac. Also available for iOS and Android, the latest version adds several new security features.

All users gain access to an Identity Dashboard, providing a handy summary, and mobile builds add a new Inbox Security Scan tool. There are also new tools for subscribers and a new premium tier for US users.

Dashlane 6 opens with a new Identity Dashboard, designed to make it easier for users to review their password health, making it easier to spot weak and duplicated passwords that will need updating.

Dashlane 6.0.1

Dashlane 6 adds several new security tools, but its core functionality – as a secure password manager – remains unchanged.

Mobile users also gain Inbox Security Scan, a tool that takes supported email addresses (Gmail on both iOS and Android, Microsoft accounts on Android only) to produce a custom analysis of online accounts created using that address. Insights include highlighting accounts that are frequently targeted by hackers as well as those where breaches have occurred since the user last changed their login details. Currently only French and English languages are supported.

Other new features are restricted to Premium account holders only. First up is Dark Web Monitoring – users can monitor up to five email addresses at a time, and the tool will scour the web looking for any leaked personal data, alerting the user to act immediately.

All platforms offer built-in VPN for secure browsing across insecure wireless networks. Note the feature is basic – no supported for wired connections is offered on desktop machines, and users don’t get a choice of servers.

Another Premium-only feature is Secure Document Storage. This allows users to securely store documents and other files in Dashlane for easy access from anywhere. These are simply attached to Secure Notes – they cannot be previewed, but must be downloaded to be viewed.

Dashlane has also launched a new premium tier for US customers only – Dashlane Premium Plus adds credit monitoring, identity restoration and Identity Theft insurance features to those offered in the Premium tier.

Dashlane 6.01 is available now free for Windows and Mac, with iOS and Android builds also available. Premium plans cost $4.99 a month (billed annually), while US users can pay $9.99 a month (again, billed as a single annual payment) for Premium Plus.

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