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Latest WhatsApp Messenger enables you to send and receive any file format

17 July 2017, Chris Wiles

WhatsApp logoLike many business owners, we tend to keep in touch with our contacts via Skype. It’s an easy and convenient way to get answers, quickly, to key questions. Problem is, people are migrating away from Skype (even more so since the recent updates) and switching to using WhatsApp Messenger for all their messaging.

Apart from the lack of iPad support, the biggest WhatsApp downside for us has always been the inability to send or receive files in any format.

With Skype, you can simply drag a file to your conversation and (assuming the recipient wants to receive it) receive some feedback. Ideal if you need someone look over a Word document, PDF, view a video or simply send an executable. With WhatsApp, you were limited to sending a PDF and even that failed to process if the file was of a certain size.

With the latest WhatsApp update for iPhone, 2.17.40, you can now send and receive any file format. The only restriction is that the file should be under 100MB, which is easily large enough for the majority of files you’ll need to send to another user.

Other new features include the ability to pin a chat to the top of your chat lists, so you can prioritise a conversation. How many times have you been chatting with someone and WhatsApp moves another conversation to the top and you accidentally reply with the wrong message to the wrong person? With the new pin feature, you can be reassured that the most important chat stats pinned to the top.

You can also forward or delete multiple images in succession, plus there’s already built-in support for forthcoming features such as the much-required ‘Recall’ function which will enable you to withdraw accidentally sent messages, files and even a status reply as long as it’s used within five minutes of sending the original. But, still, no iPad version which is still a huge bug-bear for us wanting to use the same messenger using across platforms.

WhatsApp for iPhone 2.17.40 is available now.

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