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Unigine ships graphics benchmark with 8K, VR support

17 April 2017, Mike Williams

SuperpositionRussian software developer Unigine Corp has shipped a new graphics benchmark based on the Unigine 2 engine.

Unigine Superposition Benchmark can use DirectX or OpenGL to stress-test your GPU, and offers support for resolutions from 720p up to 8K.

The benchmark is based around a scene in an abandoned classroom where “a lone professor performs dangerous experiments in an abandoned classroom”. You’ve gone to meet him but there’s a loud bang. What was that?

The “abandoned classroom” setting doesn’t make for the most eye-catching visuals, but they’re beautifully rendered, right down to tiny details like the smoke rising from an abandoned cigarette. Check out a YouTube video of the benchmark here.

On completion you get a score and assorted stats on your system performance: minimum, maximum and average frames per second, minimum and maximum GPU temperature and GPU utilization.


Dynamic lighting brings every area of this HD animation to life

A “Game” mode places you in the scene and enables exploring the area, and interacting with various objects (there are “over 900” to find, apparently).

There’s also VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Windows, although this is only accessible if you upgrade to the Advanced edition. That’s $19.95. but does also get you more customisable testing, the ability to submit your benchmarks to global leaderboards and an online benchmarking history to track your progress.

Please note, the installer is more than 1GB in size and download speeds aren’t great. Be patient, it could take a while for the file to arrive.

Unigine Superposition Benchmark is available for Windows and Linux.

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