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RogueKillerCMD is a command line malware hunter

28 March 2017, Mike Williams

RogueKillerCMDRogueKillerCMD is a command line version of the popular anti-malware tool RogueKiller.

The GUI edition will always be easier to use, but command line builds are handy for automation or running checks when Windows isn’t fully available (Safe Mode with command prompt).

You don’t have to be a console expert to use the program. Launching a default scan is as simple as entering this:

RogueKillerCMDX64.exe -scan

You can choose to remove all detections, optionally including “potentially unwanted programs”, or not remove anything at all.

Bonus features enable listing processing and services, and killing processes, windows and services by name (including wildcards) or process ID.

RogueKillerCMD can also list or kill Registry keys in various ways. You can do much of this using standard Windows console commands, at least normally, but if your system has been infected it’s possible the regular tools will be disabled. Either way, there’s no harm in having a backup plan.

Please note, the free version has no scan customisations– you can run it with the default settings only. Support is available on the forum only.

RogueKillerCMD is a free tool for Windows XP and later.

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