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Are you safe from information-stealing malware?

03 March 2017, Mike Williams

SpyShelter Security Test ToolSpyShelter Security Test Tool is a portable tool which can check whether you’re protected from keyloggers, webcam snoops and other information-stealing malware.

The program is entirely safe and from a trusted developer, but its use of malware-like techniques means there’s a chance your antivirus will flag it as dangerous. It’s not– this is a false alarm.

Security Test Tool arrives in a protected archive, presumably to reduce the chance of more false flagging by security engines. Unzip it to a safe folder somewhere with the password: spyshelter

The program organises its tests into six categories: keylogging, webcam capture, screenshot, clipboard monitoring, system protection, sound record.

Select the Keylogging test and the program uses a simple technique to capture and display your keypresses. If you’ve installed an anti-keylogger app, this should be blocked, or you might see the keypresses are scrambled.

SpyShelter Security Test Tool

Your app claims to block screen captures– but does this really work? Here’s how to find out

The Webcam Capture test is equally straightforward. Click a button, SpyShelter Security Test Tool tries to enable your webcam and display the feed. If you’ve installed something to protect against this, you should see an alert or the program might be blocked entirely.

A Clipboard Monitoring test uses a simple hook to try and record everything that’s copied to your clipboard, while the Screenshot tool offers ten ways to take a full-screen capture.

The System Protection module has several permission-related tests covering Registry access, registering a service or copying a file to your startup folder.

All these tests are presented and accessed in a very simple way: choose a test type, click a button, view the results. There’s no larger structure to it, no way to run tests automatically, no option to save reports.

Despite that, SpyShelter Security Test Tool provides a useful way to evaluate your security software, and confirm that it really is doing what the developer promises. Take a look.

SpyShelter Security Test Tool is available for Windows 7 and later.

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