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Email Sourcer collects web contact details as you browse

04 September 2016, Mike Williams

Email SourcerWhether you’re looking for a job, a government contact, maybe researching a company, there are times you’ll want to build a list of potential contacts.

Usually this means checking the top and bottom of a page for contact details, maybe an “About” or “Contact us” page, then copying and pasting the details elsewhere.

Email Sourcer Light simplifies the process by analysing the pages you visit, automatically collecting contact details and exporting them to Excel, CSV, SQL and more.

The program launches as a Firefox-based browser. There’s no setup required, just enter a URL and start browsing.

A separate pane has a table which lists contact details as and when they’re detected: email address, phone number, physical address, country, fax, whatever Email Sourcer can find on the page (fields which aren’t present are left blank).

Email Sourcer

Collecting contact details? Just visit a web page and Email Sourcer automatically detects and extracts email addresses, phone numbers, more

The program can also scan multiple pages in a single operation – linked pages, selected links, an entire site – collecting details from them all.

Contact details may be exported at any time as CSV, Excel, txt, vCard, HTML, SQL and more.

Email Sourcer Light is free, but has one major restriction: it only displays full details for the first ten contacts in each session. After that it displays part of a field – the first few digits of a phone number, say – and the rest is obscured by an “upgrade to Pro” message (the restriction-free Pro edition is yours for 49.90 Euros).

Email Sourcer Light is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and also as a Firefox extension.

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