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SavePictureAs saves web images with a keypress

03 August 2016, Mike Williams

SavePictureAsIf you’re looking for an easier way to save images from web pages then you’ll probably start by looking for a browser extension, but there may be a better way.

The open-source SavePictureAs has been speeding up the image-saving process for years, but it’s not restricted to a specific browser– it works with almost all of them.

The program’s core idea is simple. If you see a web picture you’d like to save, move your mouse cursor over it, press Ctrl+Space and it’s automatically saved to your Pictures folder.

SavePictureAs manages this by detecting the browser you’re using, and simulating the relevant mouse and keyboard actions you’d normally make yourself: right-click, Save As, select a folder and enter a file name.

The down side of this approach is it looks a little messy, you can actually see the “Save As” dialog pop up and the file name appear as it’s entered.


This is just one of the Settings screens (not even the largest)

But on the plus side, it means SavePictureAs works on almost anything. The official “supported” list now include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Cool Novo, Comodo Dragon, Firefox, K-Meleon, Opera, Maxthon, Safari, RockMelt, Yandex, Avant, SlimBrowser, SlimJet, Coowon, SeaMonkey, Citrio, Flock, Crazy Browser, Am Browser, Deepnet Explorer, Acoo Browser, Torch Browser and The World Browser– almost everything but Edge.

Once you’ve got it working, SavePictureAs is also hugely configurable. You’re not restricted to one hotkey, for instance: the program supports up to 15, each optionally saving to a different folder, and three giving you basic screen capture tools (capture the active window, a selected area or the entire screen).

And then there are the file name choices. Do you want to use the original name, be prompted for a new name, maybe generate one automatically using some custom rules? SavePictureAs does all this, and more, even giving you multiple options to handle duplicate file names.

It’s an excellent tool, recently updated with yet more options and tweaks, and if you need an easier way to save web images on your PC, give it a try.

SavePictureAs is an open-source tool for Windows XP and later.

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