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Capture, upload and share screenshots and text with Image DeCap

23 June 2016, Mike Williams

Image DeCapThere are hundreds of screen capture tools for Windows, covering just about every possible need and situation. Do we really need any more?

Well, maybe not, but Image DeCap has just enough interesting and unusual features to deserve a closer look.

Captures can be quick and easy. Press a customisable hotkey, hit Enter, and you can save the current screen or window locally, copy it to the clipboard, upload it to Imgur or your own FTP site.

There’s only one other capture type, a freehand rectangular region, but it comes with a screen magnifier to help you draw with pixel-level precision.

There’s an editor, but it’s the bare essentials only, just a freehand pen and the option to add text captions. If you don’t want to use this, disable it in settings and you’re able to upload images with the hotkey alone (no need to hit Enter as well).

Image DeCap

Highlight areas in the capture or add text with a simple editor

Despite its name, Image DeCap isn’t just about images. A separate hotkey uploads clipboard text to Pastebin, and optionally to your own FTP site.

Whatever you’re uploading, the Imgur and Pastebin links are copied to the clipboard, ready for sharing with others.

They’re also added to a “history” list on the program interface, and double-clicking any of these opens the link in your default browser.

Overall, while Image DeCap isn’t the most powerful screenshot tool around, it’s a quick way to share captures with others, the Pastebin support is a welcome extra, and the developer has some interesting ideas to improve it further (command line interface, full portability). Take a look.

Image DeCap is an open-source application for Windows 7 and later.

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