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Winja is a feature-packed VirusTotal uploader

09 May 2016, Mike Williams

WinjaPhrozen Software has released Winja, a one-stop VirusTotal uploader and system investigator.

A simple opening menu allows scanning of individual files, downloads or running processes with VirusTotal.

The “malware” score (“5/58”) appears in a separate notification, and you can view a breakdown of verdicts by antivirus engine with a click.

Winja also provides four extra system security tools of its own.

Process Viewer is an expanded task manager, listing running processes in a tree, and detailing their loaded modules, opened files, and more.

Task Scheduler lists your Windows scheduled tasks, and provides some basic right-click tools (Check with VirusTotal, Disable, Delete).


Check suspect files with 50+ top antivirus engines

Windows Startup lists your startup programs. Again, you can delete or disable selected items, or submit them to VirusTotal.

Registered Services is more basic, essentially just a simple Windows Services viewer. There’s an option to scan a service with VirusTotal, but you can’t stop, delete or otherwise tweak it.

While this worked as expected, Winja’s interface can be, well, awkward.

To check a file, for instance, you click a button in one window, specify the suspect file in a separate dialog box, watch the upload process in a different tab, then have to look at a toast notification to see the overall score, and click yet another tab for the details. This needs to be streamlined a little (or, preferably, a lot).

You’ll probably expect the ability to check all your scanning processes for malware, too, but– no. “Quick Process Check” scans a single process only. (Process Explorer checks everything automatically, if that’s a problem.)

Still, there’s nothing here that isn’t fixable, and for a very first release, Winja seems promising.

Winja is a free application for Windows XP or later.

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