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Keep your mobile photos safe from snoopers with ToolWiz Photos

18 December 2015, Mike Williams

ToolWiz PhotosThe top quality cameras on modern smartphones make it easy to record just about every detail of your life, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

But while that’s great in theory, it can lead to problems if someone else accesses your phone and sees something you weren’t expecting to share.

ToolWiz Photos is a free Android app for organising, editing, sharing and managing your photos, which also includes a Private Album feature to keep some images out of public view.

Basic operations are much like similar apps. You’re able to view photos, move anything sensitive to the Private Album area, and protect it with a password.

ToolWiz Photos

Browse your photos, then hide anything sensitive in a couple of taps

Just having this interface on your phone brings problems of its own. If someone else browses the app, finds a “Private Album” icon which prompts them for a password, then it’s probably going to make them even more suspicious than they were before.

ToolWiz Photos’ solution is to support two private albums, each with their own password.

The “real” album is used for your most personal photos, as before, but the “fake” album has some not-so-sensitive images. If you are quizzed about the contents of the Private Album, enter the password of the fake set and they’ll only see those pictures: everything else remains hidden.

This won’t necessarily stop everyone. A determined attacker might not even ask you about the Private Album feature, and just try to guess your password instead.

Fortunately ToolWiz Photos has that covered, too: if someone enters the wrong password three times then it takes a photo from the front camera and warns you of the snooper later.

Although we’ve focused on the Private Album feature here, ToolWiz Photos does much more. You can browse, tag and search your images, apply filters and annotations, create photo collages, compress images, find duplicates, and share your favourites directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Give it a try.

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