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CorzSpaZio is a versatile disk space monitor

19 November 2015, Mike Williams

CorSpaZioMonitoring your PCs disk space isn’t difficult, at a basic level: just launching Explorer will get you started, and there’s plenty of freeware around to take the process a little further.

That’s probably enough for general home use, but if your system is complex – more drives, several drive types – then it might be time for an industrial-strength solution.

CorzSpaZio is a shareware disk space monitor for Windows 2000 and later which makes it easy to track your drives.

The program is compact and portable, with no adware or nag screens, and it doesn’t expire. Just unzip and run it, and you’ll immediately see a table displaying your drives, their volume labels, file system, capacity and free space.

By default the list includes fixed, removable and optical drives, as well as RAM disks and unknown drive types, but this is fully customisable.


Monitor free space on fixed, removable, USB or network drives, RAM disks and more

You’re able to turn off the display any of those drive types, include network drives or floppies, or create an “exclude” list of drives you don’t want to see.

You get a great deal of control over how these drive details are displayed, too. The table columns can be sorted, reordered or resized, fonts changed, colours changed to suit your needs.

CorzSpaZio also includes a capable “Low Space” checker. Set up the program to check particular drives every X minutes, and if free space drops below a defined figure then it can display a warning icon, or play an audio alert.

Registering the program ($5 personal, $10 professional) gets you the ability to send a warning email, including via a command line interface. Use something like C:\path\to\CorzSpaZio.exe mail in a script and the program launches, checks your drives, sends an email if necessary and quits.

Explore the menus and dialogs and there are even more tweaks available, some relatively obvious (“Start with Windows”, “Close to the system tray”), but others quite unusual (dump drive data to a log so you can see how it’s changed over time).

Put it all together and CorzSpaZio is a polished disk space monitor, easily configured to suit your needs. Give it a try.

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