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Control Android devices from a PC with SOTI Pocket Controller

30 October 2015, Mike Williams

SOTI Pocket ControllerSOTI Pocket Controller is a powerful free suite which enables you to access and control Android devices from a PC.

Once installed you’re able to see Android apps on your PC screen, control them with a mouse and keyboard, take screenshots, transfer files and more.

Setup involves installing both PC and Android components, but this is easy enough. The only minor issue was a registration screen which asked for a lot of details, including a phone number, but there’s a “skip” button if you’re not interested.

Once both components are installed, and your two devices are connected (via wifi, USB or Bluetooth), the PC should detect your Android device automatically. But if you have problems, there’s an option to manually connect via a specified IP address.

Pocket Controller

Control Android apps from your PC’s mouse and keyboard

Assuming everything’s worked as expected, Pocket Controller should display your device screen on launch, and you can use this immediately as a controller. Clicking with the mouse simulates a tap, typing at the PC’s keyboard enters data, and within a few seconds you’ll be running and controlling apps from the desktop.

Presentation-friendly extras include a freehand drawing tool for highlighting items of interest, and you’re also able to capture, save or print static screenshots, or record a video of what’s happening on your Android screen.

The package also includes an Explorer-type module for manually exploring the file systems of your PC and Android device, moving and copying files as required.

If you need to move files regularly then a Sync Manager can automatically synchronise your chosen files or folders between the two systems.

Task Manager tools list the running processes and applications on your device, their properties, and enable you to pause or close them.

There’s also a simple system information pane, and even a Shell which provides command line access to the Android device.

It’s a strong feature set, and we think the file sync and screen recording are particular highlights, but there’s plenty here for everyone.

SOTI Pocket Controller is a free application for Windows XP and Android 2.3 and later.

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