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Get location-based photo sharing with Snaptivity for Android

11 May 2015, Mike Williams

SnaptivityThere’s no shortage of ways to share your photos with the world, but the free Android app Snaptivity does it differently: by time and location.

What does this mean? Imagine you’re taking a picture of a group of friends. Use Snaptivity, and it only takes a tap to share the shot with everyone in the photo (as long as they also have the app).

If the app takes off then you’ll benefit from other user’s photos, too. Launching the app displays new photos of your location, if there are any. Or you can search by time or location, perhaps to see if you can find yourself in the background of someone else’s picture, or just to see an area from another angle.


Search for photos photos by user or location

Snaptivity has the usual social networking features: you’re able to create a profile for yourself, like or follow others if you want to keep in touch.

There’s at least the chance of location-based ads, too, which could be either annoying or useful (or maybe both).

Snaptivity suffers from the classic problem: it needs a wide user base to bring the benefits that will attract new users, and because there are so many photo sharing options around, we’re not sure whether it can achieve that level of success. Still, it’s a neat concept, and if you can get a group of friends to install it then the app might be worth a try.

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