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Easily create and debug batch files with Batch IDE

23 March 2015, Mike Williams

Batch IDECreating and testing batch files can be a tedious experience. You’ll open Notepad, type your script, save it, switch to an Explorer window, find and double-click the file. And if there are problems you must switch back to Notepad and do the same thing again.

Batch IDE is a tiny portable batch file editor (a 114KB download) which cuts out all this hassle by including a “Run” button. Enter your script, click Run when you’re ready, and a command window opens to display the results: no saving or task switching required.

Your code doesn’t work? No problem. Simply click Batch IDE, edit the script and click Run again to see the results.

Batch IDE

Enter your batch file, then click Run to launch it – no file save or task switching required

There’s also a “Compile” button, although don’t expect too much, there’s no compilation involved: it only saves your script as a plain text .BAT file.

The core editor makes Notepad look powerful – there’s undo/ redo, cut/ copy/ paste, a text search, that’s about it – but if your batch files are simple then you probably won’t care.

There are also some notable bugs. Clicking File > Open doesn’t work, you must click the toolbar button instead; if you scroll a lengthy batch file then the line numbers don’t scroll to match.

Batch IDE’s core functionality works just fine, though, and if you simply want an easier way to create and test a 4-5 line script – without the hassles of learning a full programmer’s editor – then it’s going to save you a little time.

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