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Sensor Sense monitors all your Android device sensors

07 November 2014, Mike Williams

Sensor SenseLight levels, position, sound, acceleration: your Android device knows a lot about its environment, and this data can be very helpful in adjusting how it behaves.

Individual apps might access one or two of these sensors, but Sensor Sense displays them all, and in real time.

The full list of supported sensors includes temperature; light; pressure; relative humidity; sound; acceleration; gravity; gyroscope; linear acceleration; rotation vector; position; magnetic field; proximity; longitude, latitude, altitude, speed and accuracy; battery level, voltage, temperature, status and health.

Exactly what you’ll see depends on your hardware. Temperature is more likely to be the device than the ambient temperature, for example, so don’t expect it to be a useful thermometer. And your phone may not have some of the sensors at all.

Sensor Sense

Watch light, sound and other levels change in real time

The app does a good job of presenting any available data, though, with colourful tiles highlighting core details like light and battery levels.

Tapping the Battery tile, say, drills down and displays more details: temperature, technology, voltage, status and health.

Other sections present simple graphs to show how their sensor value has changed over time.

You probably don’t need to track most of these figures, but some can be useful, and if nothing else Sensor Sense provides a quick and easy way to confirm the sensors are working. Give it a try.

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