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Tour de Yorkshire brings the Tour de France spirit to your iPhone/ iPad

05 July 2014, Mike Williams

The Tour de France 2014 has just kicked off in Yorkshire, England, where 198 top riders will spend the next two days battling through 120 miles of beautiful countryside.

If you’re a cycling fan then you really should be there. But if that’s not possible – or you’re just inspired by what you see – then you can get into the spirit of the event with Tour de Yorkshire, a fun free iPhone/ iPad game.

You start as a cyclist aiming to win the championship for Great Britain and team Leeds Bradford Airport. Your only problem: the four top international riders equally determined to reach the finish line first.

Gameplay starts with well-planned training, building up your stamina so you’re ready for the competition.

Battle for victory through nine tracks, from city streets to open countryside

Tapping the screen to pedal gets you on your way. The faster you tap, the faster you go, although your stamina soon begins to fall. Swiping a good line through the corners helps to maintain your speed, though, and getting it exactly right will give you a much-needed energy boost.

If that sounds simple, that’s because it is, and you’ll pick up the basics quickly. But there’s some depth here, too. You get to decide your own training strategies. Nine competition tracks take you through city streets and gorgeous countryside. And even if you get tired of the main game, there’s always the option to set and beat your own personal bests in Time Trial mode.

Tour de Yorkshire isn’t just for the next two days, then: it’s going to keep you entertained for quite some time. Go grab a copy now.

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