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Browse your IE, Firefox and Chrome caches with NirSoft’s ImageCacheViewer

28 February 2014, Mike Williams

NirSoft has announced the availability of ImageCacheViewer, a simple tool which scans your web browser caches (IE, Firefox and Chrome are supported), and lists any images it finds.

The program’s report is presented in the usual NirSoft table, and includes the URL of each image, the browser used to access it, the image type, the date and time of the image file, the date and time it was viewed, and the file size.

There is no “thumbnail view”, unfortunately, but click any line in the report and an image preview is displayed in the lower pane. Right-click any image, select “Copy”, and it’s sent to the clipboard for easy reuse.

Select an image and a preview is displayed in the lower pane

The program has some interesting configuration options. You can point ImageCacheViewer at custom cache folders, which might be handy if you need to check portable browsers. And you can restrict the program’s report to only your most recent files, or URLs which contain specific strings, a great way to zoom in on the data you need.

This is still very basic in viewing terms, of course, and the lack of a thumbnail browster means it’s not always easy to find particular images.

The unified view of three browser caches is worth having, though, and ImageCacheViewer does provide a simple way to track what other users of your PC are doing online. That’s not bad for a download size of less than 75KB, and if you need this kind of tool then it’s worth a look.

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