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Comodo unveils Internet Security, Firewall and Antivirus 6.2

20 June 2013, Mike Williams

Comodo has announced the public availability of Comodo Internet Security 6.2, Firewall 6.2 and Antivirus 6.2. These are more than just maintenance releases, too – there are some genuinely significant developments.

Right-click the Comodo icon and choose the new Advanced View, for instance, and the rather basic home screen is replaced with something much more detailed. You’ll be able to view details on your antivirus, update, auto-sandbox, HIPS and firewall status, as well as see which processes are using your network bandwidth, view recently detected threats and intrusions, and more.

This may sound and look more complicated, but on balance we found it worked well and saved us time. Most of the information provided in the Advanced View comes in the form of a link, so if you see that you have two sandboxed apps, for instance, you can just click the number “2” to find out more.

The new “Advanced View” displays much more data on the Comodo console

Elsewhere, direct support for “Fully Virtualized” auto-sandboxing allows you to run programs in a virtual environment where they’re completely isolated from your system files, further enhancing security.

In a notable usability improvement, many grids throughout the interface now support search and multi-selection.

GUI performance is now better when opening main dialogs, while improved touch screen support helps you navigate more easily.

And of course there are plenty of bug fixes. From what we can see, the most notable is that you’re now able to make files on network shares “trusted”. The news that Comodo has fixed “various compatibility issues related to virtualization” also sounds good, though, and in total the company says this release addresses more than 300 issues overall.

This looks like one essential update, then, and downloads for Comodo Internet Security 6.2, Firewall 6.2 and Antivirus 6.2 are available now.

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