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GPU-Z 0.6.9 extends hardware support, fixes bugs

19 March 2013, Mike Williams

TechPowerUp has released GPU-Z 0.6.9, the latest version of its lightweight graphics card information tool.

This build adds direct support for even more graphics cards, including AMD Radeon HD 8870M, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost, GT 415 and GT 750M.

NVIDIA Kepler DirectX support has been revised to 11.0. (This complication isn’t TechPower’s fault, though; originally NVIDIA said its Kepler GPUs had full DirectX 11.1 support, but late last year it emerged that four non-gaming features were missing, so 11.0 is more accurate.)

GPU-Z reveals all about your GPU and graphics card

The interface has gained a few tooltips, which should help beginners to find their way around. Hovering the mouse cursor over that tiny icon to the right of your BIOS version, for instance, will now explain that it can save or upload your BIOS. It’s now easier to spot the PCI Express Render Test (the question mark icon) which helps to confirm your card slot configuration. And there are a few similar additions elsewhere.

The latest build also adds a couple of fixes. If your system has the Intel OpenCL driver bug, for instance, then the program won’t display the same warning twice. And the shader count for the AMD Radeon HD 7790 is now displayed correctly.

Otherwise, though, GPU-Z 0.6.9 remains its usual excellent self. It’s small (a 1.24MB download); can be installed or run stand-alone; provides all kinds of details for a wide range of graphics cards (GPU, BIOS, memory type and size, clock speeds, driver details, DirectX support and more); and plots clock speeds, fan speeds, system loads, and voltage over time, making the program an excellent troubleshooting tool.

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