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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 rev 3 extends Windows 8, UEFI compatibility

07 December 2012, Mike Williams

Paragon Software Group has revealed the latest update for Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional and Suite, its do-everything hard drive management toolkit.

And although the new build is more about extending compatibility with various technologies than adding any entirely new features, there are still enough tweaks and enhancements for this to qualify as a major upgrade.

Improved GPT/ UEFI handling means the program should now be able to clone, migrate or restore a 64-bit Windows configuration which is using a UEFI-based boot, for instance.

Hard Disk Manager's straightforward interface is mostly unaffected by this latest upgrade

If your UEFI-based system has multiple volumes and several installed operating systems, the updated Boot Corrector now allows you to choose which one you’d like to use.

And Paragon’s Boot Media Builder can now create a 64-bit UEFI-compatible boot volume, which you’re able to save to DVD, a USB flash drive, or ISO image.

Elsewhere, Paragon claims that this release is now fully Windows 8-compatible. And they don’t just mean “runs without crashing” (although of course that’s a very good start). Hard Disk Manager 12 now fully supports the new Windows 8 Storage Spaces feature, so is able to carry out all its usual maintenance and configuration options on Storage Spaces volumes, in exactly the same way as you would on any other drive.

And, slightly more cryptically, Paragon says the new build also includes “enhanced physical-to-physical and physical-to-virtual functionality”. We’re currently unsure what this means, though (and the lack of detail suggests that it’s not going to be anything too impressive).

Revision 3 doesn’t materially affect Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional and Suite’s core features, then, but it’s still a welcome upgrade, and updates and trial builds are available now.

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