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System Explorer 4.0 revamps colour scheme, adds more networking statistics

04 December 2012, Nick Peers

The Mister Group has released System Explorer 4.0 and System Explorer 4.0 Portable, a major new update of its freeware system resources monitoring tool for Windows.

Version 4.0 tweaks the program’s colour schemes for making text more readable, plus updates its Performance and Networking sections to show more information.  There’s a minor tweak to how the disk and network usage statistics are displayed, plus a number of bug fixes designed to make System Explorer more stable and secure.

The most visible change in version 4.0 is the reworked colour schemes. The user has a choice of default, light or dark schemes – access these via the Menu > Options menu – and System Explorer 4.0 sees these reworked to provide more clarity.

A revamped Processes tab is just one of the major changes found in System Explorer 4.0.

The Performance section of System Explorer has also been overhauled to provide a new graphical layout – now information about the CPU, memory and hard drive loads are displayed horizontally, with additional information provided at the bottom of the screen.

System Explorer 4.0 also comes with the promise of an improved Networking section. These manifest themselves in the form of new statistics and a redesign providing more information about the global net traffic to and from the user’s PC. In the left-hand side of the screen you’ll find a list of statistics related to a specific start point, which can now be reset by the user. Users can also quickly show or hide related graphical information in the right-hand pane by right-clicking with the mouse.

The final feature change in version 4.0 comes with the decision to hide the disk and network usage statistics from both the Tasks and Processes tab in the main program and the pop-up window that appears when rolling the mouse over the program’s Notification area icon. These can be restored by selecting Menu > Options > Advanced and ticking “Use Event Tracking for Windows”.

The update is rounded off by the usual array of unspecified bug fixes and minor tweaks, many of which are suggested by the user community. SystemExplorer 4.0 and System Explorer 4.0 Portable are both freeware downloads for PCs running Windows XP or later.

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