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System Mechanic 11.5 extends Windows 8 support, drops “per pc” licensing restrictions

03 December 2012, Mike Williams

Iolo technologies has released System Mechanic 11.5, the latest edition of its flagship PC maintenance and optimisation suite.

And the company is pointing to the new Guided Recommendations as the highlight of this build, claiming they “harness the collective intelligence of the entire System Mechanic community base”, in particular when helping to figure out exactly which startup tools you need to run, and which you can safely do without.

(Which sounds very similar to the cloud-based approach used by some other products, actually, but we’re not complaining. Anything which helps more reliably manage your startup programs is fine by us.)

The latest System Mechanic does a more reliable job of identifying and clearing up performance problems

Iolo also says System Mechanic 11.5 isn’t just Windows 8-compatible; this version has been specifically designed to work and expand on the new operating system, and so should deliver notably better results.

As usual, the latest System Mechanic release includes more Tune-up definitions, specific fixes to help detect and resolve thousands of potential PC performance and stability issues.

And perhaps most interesting of all, System Mechanic 11.5 is now available under a new Whole Home License, which means there’s no longer any “per PC” restriction: just buy one copy of the program, and use the same activation key to install it on each of your home systems.

Surprisingly, there’s no extra payment or price increase involved – no catch at all (not that we’ve spotted yet, anyway). The program used to be licensed per PC, now it’s per home, a much simpler system which we can only hope catches on elsewhere.

If you’d rather not pay anything at all, though, keep in mind that the program is already available in a limited iolo System Mechanic Free version, as well as the regular iolo System Mechanic build, and more powerful System Mechanic Professional release.

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