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TweetDeck 2.1 improves column editing and adds keyboard shortcuts

08 November 2012, Nick Peers

Twitter has updated its desktop and web app, TweetDeck 2.1.0. The multi-columned Twitter client gains four notable improvements with this new release, including search, lists, expanded Tweets and keyboard shortcuts.

At the present time, the updates apply only to the Windows version of the desktop client – the Mac build remains at version 2.0.3. However, these changes have also been implemented in its Google Chrome web app as well as the website itself.

From version 2.1, users can now edit existing search columns as new columns are added, removing the need to continually add new search columns while refining a search column to include the information they want to read. The feature is accessible by clicking the new magnifying glass icon to the top right of the search column to expand the column’s options and change search terms.

You can now edit searches without having to create new columns.

Accessing lists has also been made easier – now it’s possible to open a list directly simply by typing its name into the Search box. These include third-party lists and unsubscribed lists – if the list’s owner is known, simply type @username/listname into the Search box to access it, a far better approach than the previous method, whereby lists had to be manually accessed via another user’s profile panel. Furthermore, users can browse lists, preview their content and then click Add column to add selected users to their own column in TweetDeck.

Expanded Tweets are also enhanced in TweetDeck 2.1, with support for Photo and Player cards in the Tweet details view, a move that brings support for more than 2,000 websites to TweetDeck’s columns.

The update is rounded off with the implementation of TweetDeck’s first keyboard shortcuts since version 2.0 was released. The feature is still heavily limited, with just three shortcuts supported at present, namely [N] to open the Tweet compose window, [Ctrl] + [Enter] to send the Tweet, and [Esc] to close all pop-up windows, including the Tweet compose window. Those disappointed with such a limited selection will be mollified to learn that Twitter has promised more extensive shortcuts in future update.

TweetDeck 2.1.0 is available now as a free download for Windows PCs and Google Chrome users via its web app.

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