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Miro Video Converter 3.0 updated with batch conversion, progressive output and more

06 November 2012, Software Publisher

Miro Video Converter 3.0There are numerous video formats to choose from and you will at some point encounter a file which is not in the format you need to play back on a particular device. If you own an Android or iOS device, Miro Video Converter is on hand to help you to convert almost any video file into a format that can be played back on your mobile device – most importantly, using the settings and resolution you feel most appropriate. Miro Video Converter 3.0 adds a number of important new options including batch processing for the quick conversion of multiple files.

Batch conversion is the killer feature of the updated app, but it is far from being the end of the story. There is also a redesigned UI to work with – and you may be pleased to hear that it appears to be in no way inspired by the look of Windows 8. While the program can be used to convert video ready for all sort of different purposes, it is particularly well suited for converting footage ready for viewing on mobile devices. The plethora of different screen sizes and aspect ratios is reflected in the range of formatting options that are available in the latest version of the program.

Miro Video Converter 3.0

Miro Video Converter 3.0

Web site owners will be pleased by the addition of a couple of new features which will prove helpful for delivering online video. The program is capable of producing progressive MP4 files for web playback and the quality of WebM videos has not only been improved, but also enhanced with the addition of SD and HD options. Thumbnail generation means that you can even have a readymade image to drop into your page as well as a helpful way of identifying footage without the need to open it up.

The latest version of the app retains the simplicity and speed of its predecessors, and you’ll find that getting videos set up to convert can be done very quickly. Video files can be simply dragged and dropped onto the program interface – assuming you want to convert them all using the same output settings – and you can then choose your output format or device before sitting back and waiting for the hard work to be done for you.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the program by paying a visit to the Miro Video Converter 3.0 review page.

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