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iDisplay transforms your tablets or mobile into a second monitor

10 October 2012, Software Publisher

iDisplayIf you are using, or have ever used, a multi-monitor computer, you’ll know just how useful a setup it can be. Have the extra space afforded you by double the usual number of monitor enables you to see more at once, work more quickly and be more productive – but it can also be expensive and requires you to have a desk large enough to hold two monitors comfortably. If you have a mobile device, however, you can use iDisplay to gain an extra monitor from your existing hardware.

The name of the software might imply that this is something that will only be of interest to Apple hardware owners, but in fact it can be used in conjunction with an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Your mobile device does no need to be physically connected to your computer – the desktop version of the client software is available for both Mac and PC – which opens up new opportunities.



This is an app that would seem to be more useful for tablet owners, particularly when used in conjunction with a vertical stand, but there is a also great scope for using with a phone. While the smaller screen of a phone means that you’re unlikely to want to use it to display complex spreadsheets from your desktop computer, it can be used to house program panels and controls to help free up space – for example, in an image editor, you could move some of the controls to your phone’s screen to gain a larger work area on your monitor.

If you ever find yourself needing to give a presentation, iDisplay can also be used in mirror mode. This means that you can share the display of your PC or Mac with a number of iOS or Android devices so your audience can get a great view of whatever you are doing. When used In regular mode, you can easily switch between portrait and landscspe mode, and app can bemoved between displays with a quick shortcut.

You can find out more by paying a visit to the iDisplay review pages – iDisplay for PC, iDisplay for Mac, iDisplay for iOS and iDisplay for Android.

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