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Mission Control / Expose Clone beings some of OS X to Windows

23 July 2012, Software Publisher

Mission Control / Expose CloneWhen it comes to subtly, Mission Control / Expose Clone will win no prizes for its name – however, it may well impress in its ability to bring a great feature of OS X to Windows users. Ordinarily, Windows allows you to navigate between open windows and program using the task bar or by pressing the Win + Tab or Alt + Tab keyboard shortcuts. With Mission Control / Expose Clone installed, you can add Ctrl + Tab to your shortcut collection to access this great utility.

The program bring you some of the features of Exposé and Mission Control, enabling you to quickly access and overview of all running programs and open windows on a single desktop. Just as well your Alt + Tab between programs you can see a live preview of open windows, but things are kept beautifully neat thanks to the way the screen is arranged. Just like Mission Control, the program will automatically create stacks of windows from the same program – so all of your Word documents are grouped together.

Mission Control / Expose Clone

Mission Control / Expose Clone

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty tinkering with configuration files, you can even set up the program so that multiple applications are all grouped together – such as all open browser windows or all image related tools. Getting the program up and running is not too taxing, but the fact that it is currently in beta is made abundantly clear by the fact that there is not only no installer but that you are left to create a manually Startup shortcut if you want the program to start with Windows.

This minor complaint aside, this is a great tool that not only look good, but functions well and could genuinely help to improve your workflow. It can be used as a simple Alt + Tab replacement, but the wealth of keyboard and mouse shortcuts that are on hand mean that this is a much more powerful utility than it might first appear to be.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the program, by paying a visiting to the Mission Control / Expose Clone review page.

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