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OneClick for Chrome treats torrents like regular downloads

12 July 2012, Software Publisher

OneClick for ChromeTorrents come in for a great deal of bad press due to the fact that they have become associated with piracy, but from the point of view of both the downloader and the provider of the download, things work out well in terms of improved download speeds and reduced bandwidth requirements. Downloading files in this way is easy enough, but by installing OneClick for Chrome you can make things even easier.

Once you have this Chrome extension installed, there is no need to use a torrent client to handle you downloads, and the torrents you choose to download are treated in much the same way as regular downloads. Using the extension means that Chrome can be used to handle your torrents, and there is no need to use a third party torrent client. This helps to keep things simple and speeds up the whole downloading process.

OneClick for Chrome

OneClick for Chrome

But OneClick is more than just a built in torrent client for Chrome; this handy extension also enables you to work with torrent files in a completely different way. Rather than first downloading a torrent file and then downloading the files associated with it, you can instead download the contents of a torrents just as you would any another files – when you click a torrent file or magnet link, all of the individual files of the torrent will be  downloaded for you.

The simplification of torrenting in this way is something of a double-edged sword. While it helps to speed things up and means that downloading torrents is a virtual seamless process, you do not get any of the controls that you would normally expect to find in a torrent client. If your torrent needs aren’t too demanding, this is a great extension that is well worth checking out.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the extension by paying a visit to the OneClick for Chrome review page.

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