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Google Chrome released for iOS with tab syncing, private browsing and more

28 June 2012, Software Publisher

Google Chrome for iOSIt has been hoped for by many for some time, but few thought that it could happen. Against all of the odds, Google has unleashed a version of Chrome for iOS, giving iPhone and iPod users a browsing experience that can be synchronized between desktop and mobile devices. This seamless browsing as users move from one device to another is becoming increasingly common, and it is something that has just been showcased in the Android version of Firefox.

Anyone who has seen the Android version of Chrome will know very much what to expect and providing you are signed into your Google account you are able to easily access any tabs you have open in Chrome on other devices. The synchronization happens automatically in the background, so there’s no need to remember to save the tabs you’re looking at one your desktop computer so you can access them on your iOS device – it is all taken care of for you.

Google Chrome for iOS

Google Chrome for iOS

In addition to synchronizing open tabs, the sync feature is also able to ensure that your saved password are available on all of the devices you use along with your browsing history and bookmarks – it’s all about creating a uniform experience no matter what device is in use.  Tabbed browsing is nothing new, but the gestures that are used to move between open tabs in Chrome for iOS work very well

If all of this data syncing raises your privacy hackles, private browsing is also available. Sadly, as this is a browser released for iOS it is not possible to make it your default browser – unless you feel like jailbreaking – but it is still great to see that there is now another browser for iOS users to choose from. The rumours and speculation can now end – iPhones and iPad around the world can now have their own native copy of Chrome installed.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Google Chrome for iOS review page.

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