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Google Priority Inbox not good enough? Prioritize your inboxes with EmailTray

31 May 2012, Software Publisher

EmailTrayThe need to prioritize emails is an idea that has been around for some time, starting with spam filtering that aimed to reduce the amount of junk reaching your inbox. Google and other email providers have made further advances by highlighting emails believe to be more important than other you receive based on content, sender and previous correspondence. EmailTray provides you with even more control by automatically filtering your mail into high priority, lower priority, no priority and spam.

This is a desktop app that can be used to check as many email addresses as you want providing you are working with POP3 or IMAP accounts, but all of your email is made available in one place. The program analyzes your email message as they arrive and filter them in to inboxes of different priorities. Emails that are sent by people with whom  you regularly communicate with will be assigned a higher priority than other emails, and all of your mail is sorted into ‘Top priority’, ‘Low priority’, ‘No priority’ and Spam.



Notifications can be customized so that you are only warned about the arrival of the most important email and do not waste your time looking through unimportant messages and you can define rules of your own so that email from certain contacts or messages that include certain words are always sent to spam or prioritized as necessary. The program also checks through the spam folders of your email accounts to ensure that the spam filters of your email providers have not been too rigorous.

The reduction in email notification is very welcome, and the program seems to do an excellent job of correctly determining how different emails should be dealt with. As an added bonus, EmailTray provides you with more information about anyone you receive emails from by pulling in information from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. The Android version of the app includes all of the features of the Windows edition of the software and is also available free of charge.

You can find out more and download a copy of the app by paying a visit to the EmailTray or EmailTray for Android review pages.

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