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Coda 2 offers Mac web coders over 100 new and improved features

24 May 2012, Nick Peers

Oregon developer Panic, Inc has released a brand new version of its Mac web-coding tool, Coda 2, plus launched a streamlined iPad version, appropriately titled Diet Coda. Diet Coda is designed as a companion tool to Coda for use on the move.

Coda 2 launches with over 100 new features – many of which are based on user requests, adds 64-bit compatibility and provides a completely refreshed user interface. It’s billed as a one-stop shop for web developers, incorporating editor, terminal, CSS and files management within a single application.

Coda 2 introduces a revamped editor, introducing code folding, autocomplete support for variables and functions, improved workflow including automatic indentation and smarter closing tags, plus a streamlined find and replace tool.

Coda 2 introduces dozens of new features and improvements, many of which are user-requested.

The user interface introduces new smart, scrolling tabs that can be large or small, images or text. A Super Sidebar allows users to place all their most frequently accessed tools on a customizable dock, while users can now go full-screen with Code Focus, which hides the sidebar and allows them to concentrate fully on looking at the code.

File support is improved with the ability to manage source code with Git as well as SVN. Coda 2 also introduces a full file browser that supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and S3, and boasts a “Transit Twin-Turbo Engine”, designed to speed up file uploads.

Coda’s clips function has also been improved, with support for multiple placeholders, allowing coders to mark out areas where coding or other elements aren’t yet in place. Users can move between placeholders via the Tab key or customised key shortcut. Placeholders can now also be dynamic, with fill-in dates, selections and URLs among other elements supported.

Sites can now be grouped simply by dragging one on to another, while List View is designed for those who have many sites to work through. Support has also been added for iCloud Sync of sites and clips, but only if the software is purchased directly through the App Store.

A built-in Web Inspector tool is just one of the improvements to Coda’s CSS editor, while version 2 adds support for MySQL with a new built-in MySQL editor. The Code Navigator has also been revamped to make it easier to find blocks of code, with code hints appearing as the user types and simplified syntax colouring designed to aid navigation. Finally, the validation process has been improved.

It’s now possible to view iPhone and iPad Frames in the Preview app, while Coda 2 is also declared Retina-ready.

Diet Coda introduces a subset of features from Coda 2, allowing developers to edit their sites on the go if required. Diet Coda also links in with Coda 2, providing a live preview option on the iPad from that application.

Coda 2 is available as a 7-day trial download for Macs running OS X. The full version retails for $99.99, although for one day only all users can purchase it for the upgrade price of $49.99. Diet Coda is available for iPad only, and retails for $19.99, although again there’s a discount of 50 per cent for those who purchase the app today.

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