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Cloak your wireless connection with a shield of protection on your Mac or iOS device

21 March 2012, Software Publisher

Free wifi is more prevalent than ever and the popularity of mobile devices means that more and more of us are connecting to these free networks using laptops, tablets and mobiles. In these situations, using their own computer, most people would not give a second thought to security, but if you’re using your MacBook, iPhone or iPad in a public place with free internet – such as a coffee shop – it is possible for someone to taps into your connection and steal your private data. Cloak is a security tool for Apple fans that makes securing these connections quick and easy.

There are numerous ways in which you can secure your computer’s connection when you are using public wifi, but if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty with network configuration options, Cloak may just be the tool you have been looking for. This is a VPN service that prevents your private data from simply being transmitted for anyone to intercept. Instead, data is encrypted and routed through secure servers to help keep you protected against potential data and identify theft.

Cloak protects your internet connection with easy to use VPN

Of course, it is not just your web browser that makes use of a web connection – instant message apps, file sharing tools and more are also prone to attack. Cloak can help protect all of these by securing your internet connection as a whole, and the great thing is that you do not even have to remember to activate it – as soon as an insecure connection is detect, Cloak springs into action. The service makes use of secure server located all over the world, and you’ll be automatically connected to whichever one will offer you the best performance.

As you might well expect, this is the kind of service that offers different subscription levels. There is a free version available and this has certain restrictions associated with it. If you opt for the free service you are limited to 1 GB of traffic or two hours of connection time in any month – should you need more than this, you’re going to have to part with some cash. There are two paid-for subscriptions available, both of which offer unlimited time online but still feature caps on monthly traffic. The Productive package is available for $8 a month and includes 20 GB of data, while the Powerful package gets you 50 GB of data for $15 a month.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Cloak review page.

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