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SUPER 2012.50 video conversion tool widens codec and container support

24 February 2012, Nick Peers

eRightSoft has updated its freeware media-conversion utility SUPER to version 2012.50. SUPER 2012.50 adds a handful of new features, plus extends codec and container support to include a number of industry standards, including Blu-ray, Windows 7 WTV and the open-source Speex audio codec.

SUPER, which stands for Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, has developed a reputation for offering a wide range of conversion options for both audio and video. Although not as user-friendly as other tools, novices can still get started by choosing an output video container with the most common audio and video codecs automatically selected, while power users will also appreciate the large number of configurable options on offer.

SUPER 2012.50 adds and extends support for a number of codec and container files, adding to its reputation as one of the most comprehensive freeware media conversion tools out there.

SUPER 2012.50 extends container and codec support to include new standards.

Windows 7 users can now output video in WTV format (using MPEG2 codecs) for playback through Windows Media Center, while support for GXF is added using DV, M-JPEG, MPEG1 and MPEG2 codecs.

Support for the MP4 container has been extended to include profiles for Android, Blackberry and Xbox devices, while the MPG output container’s codec support has been extended to include H.264.

The TS|M2TS output container used by Blu-ray discs now supports the Dirac video codec in addition to H.264 and MPEG2, and the Dolby Digital Theater Systems (DTS) audio codec.

SUPER 2012.50 also implements support for the open-source, lossy Speex audio codec, which is designed for audio containing speech. Speex support is added to ASF, MKV, MOV and WMV output containers.

SUPER also adds a number of new options to the user interface. You can now embed MPlayer inside a window with various options via the Player Options button, plus drag and drop folders to open their content recursively and drag and drop playlists to access their content.

Version 2012.50 also allows you to limit the drag-and-drop functionality to all supported formats or allow any file to be added.

SUPER 2012.50 is a freeware download for PCs running Windows. Note the installer will offer additional toolbars and programs – you don’t need to install these to install SUPER.

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