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Downloadcrew Giveaway: Migrate data and apps to a new computer with Laplink PCmover Express worth $29.95

13 February 2012, Software Publisher

The excitement associated with getting a new computer can be somewhat marred by the realization that there is actually a great deal of work involved. The chances are that your old computer held a very large number of personal files that you will want to transfer to the new machine. It is also likely that you have a number of settings in place that you have become used to, and the task of reinstating all of these could be a very lengthy one. This is where Laplink PCmover Express can help, and you can take advantage of a free copy of the program worth $29.95.

As well as enabling you to transfer files and settings, the application can also be used to transfer up to three of your favorite applications and associated settings. If you have spent an age configuring Microsoft Office to suit your needs and don’t fancy the idea of running through the entire process again, this is a real timesaver. You are guided by a wizard from start to finish and there are number of ways of making the actual transfer of data – you can choose between making a network transfer via Ethernet cable, utilizing a USB cable, or using media such as CDs, DVDs or USB drives.

Application transfer

Simplify the move to a new computer with PCmover Express

When it comes to transferring programs, there are a number of advantages when compared to the usual route of re-installing from scratch. Firstly, there is no need to track down your original installation discs, and if you no longer know the location of your product serial numbers, you do not need to worry about this either.  As we have mentioned, transferring applications also means that your settings are transferred  and the fact that the transfer of software can be done at the same time as your files means that everything can be moved across in one fell swoop.

PCmover Express can migrate up to three installed applications, as well as your settings, data and other information. Should you need to migrate more than three installed applications, take a closer look at PCmover Professional.

You may think that this is not a program that you will use all that often – you may not be planning to buy several more computers, for example – but even if you only use it once, you will have saved yourself not only a great deal of time, but also a lot of effort and stress. And as you are doing so because of this giveaway, all of these bonuses come completely free of charge.

To take advantage of this special giveaway, go to the Downloadcrew Giveaway site and grab your copy of the program. Be quick as the offer is for February 14th only, and expires at 23:59 Central European Time.

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