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Downloadcrew Giveaway – East-Tec Eraser 2011 worth $49.95

09 January 2012, Software Publisher

Your computer can reveal a great deal of information about you and if other people have access to your machine, it would be all too easy for this data to fall into the wrong hands. Simply deleting files you no longer need is not enough as there are numerous tools that can be used to restore anything that has been erased – even from a drive that has been formatted. This is where East-Tec Eraser 2011 can help, making it possible to securely wipe information from your computer so that it cannot be recovered.

The application is broken down into a series of different section, with the main interface making it easy to securely delete any files you no longer need. You can simply drag and drop files onto the program window before choosing how secure the wiping should be – this ranges from deleting and overwriting with random data to the Gutmann method which is very slow but renders files completely unrecoverable, even using hardware tools.

Protect your privacy by deleting sensitive data with East-Tec Eraser

East-Tec Eraser 2011 can also be used to wipe deleted emails, securely empty the Recycle Bin and scrub  free space. Scheduling can be used to ensure that secure deletion takes place on an automatic basis without you having to remember to do so manually. There are also tools on hand that can be used to clear the tracks that other programs store about you. This extends far beyond just wiping your browser history, enabling you to wipe recent file logs in scores of applications. With the ability to securely wipe your entire hard drive, the application can come in handy for when you are thinking of selling an old computer and do not want to risk your data.

It is worth noting that the application will initially install as a 15-day trial but you can obtain the full, unrestricted version of the software by clicking the Free Registration button at the startup screen. After providing your name and email address you will need to click the confirmation link in the email that is sent out to you. Click the Get Free Key button on the page that loads and you will be given a serial number that you should select and copy. Return to East-Tec Eraser and click the Enter Key link before entering your name and pasting the code into the Key field. Hit OK and you’re ready to start using the program.

To take advantage of this special giveaway, go to the Downloadcrew Giveaway site, log in (or create a free account if you don’t have one already), grab your copy of the program and get a free serial code. Be quick as the offer is for January 10th only, and expires at 23:59 Central European Time.

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