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Dump Windows Explorer and get a tabbed facelift with Explorer++

26 October 2011, Software Publisher

Windows Explorer is an incredibly useful tool for managing your files, making it possible to open, copy and move documents in folders quickly and easily. But the file management tool that is built into Windows is not without its limitations and this is why there is such a market for replacement tools. One of the greatest – yet simplest – innovations in the humble web browser was the addition of tabbed browsing, and Explorer++ brings the same handy feature to your file manager.

Just as tabbed browsing makes it easier to work with multiple web sites simultaneously, so a tabbed file manager makes it easier to work with multiple folders at the same time. Rather than having a huge number of individual windows open when copying or moving files from one folder to another, or simply working with documents stored in different locations, Explorer++ enables you to make do with a single program window.

This feature in itself is enough to make Explorer++ worthy of note, but the application has much more to offer. Perhaps most important, this is a portable app which means it can be easily popped onto a USB drive and transported between computers without the need for installation – so if you are working on someone else’s machine, you can continue to work in a familiar environment and reap the benefits of the program you have become used to.

To make it easier to jump to folder you make use of on a regular basis, it is possible to create bookmarks and there is support for more advanced file operations such as splitting and merging as well as secure deletion. Additional feature include advanced search options, and a hugely customizable interface. While the program can be used as a standalone portable app, if you find that you are sufficiently enamoured with the program, it can be installed as complete replacement for Explorer.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Explorer++ review page. There is also a 64-bit version of the program available.

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