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MAGIX Music Maker MX (v18) makes music creation quick and easy

02 September 2011, Software Publisher

Almost everyone would like to be able to produce music, but few people have the talent and dedication required to learn how to play and instrument. But an inability to play a traditional instrument does not mean that you are not able to create music, and this is something the newly released MAGIX Music Maker MX goes a long way to proving.

Working with an extensive library of loops and samples, it is possible to quickly build up a complex music tracks with very little effort.  You have between 64 and 96 audio tracks to work with – depending on which version of the software you are working with – and this, coupled with the impressive range of special effects and filters as well as an intuitive synthesiser, drum machine and loop maker means that there is great scope for creativity. if you’re looking for more samples and handy tools, you’ll probably want to take a look at MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium.

No app worth its salt these days would be complete without some sort of online or sharing component, and Music Maker MX is no exception to the rule. As has been the case for some time, the music you create can be shared with others online by uploading to Facebook, YouTube and other social networks, but the MX part of the name is intriguing. Standing for Media-X-change, projects created in one MAGIX app can be easily shared with other MAGIX apps for additional work.

In its own right, MAGIX Music Maker MX is delightful music creation application which strikes a near perfect balance between ease of use and range of features. Users who already have a recent version of the app installed may find few reasons to upgrade, but for anyone looking to get started in the world of music creation, there are few better starting points.

You can find out more about the app by paying a visit to the MAGIX Music Maker MX review page.

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