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Use TinyTask Portable to automate common tasks in Windows

07 April 2011, Software Publisher

Macros are something that have somewhat fallen out of favour in recent years. While these handy automation routines are still available in the likes of Microsoft Office, the option to create general macros is no longer built into Windows as standard. Seasoned computer users will remember that Windows 3.1 included a macro recording utility called Recorder, and this is something that TinyTask Portable aims to recreate for modern computer users.

Being a portable app, TinyTask Portable can be installed on your main machine, but it can also be coped to a USB drive where it can run on any computer without the need to installed registry entries or change other system files. This means that you can create macros on your computer at home and then take them with you ready to use on any computer you find yourself working at.

The process of recording a macro could hardly be simpler. Get the program up and running and hit the record button before performing the actions you would like to record using a series of mouse movements and keyboard presses. Your macros will be saved as .rec files which can be played back through the program, but it is also possible to compile these file into standalone executables that can be run entirely independently of other software.

You can opt to playback your macros at the speed at which they were recorded or, as will be preferable in most cases, play them back at a higher speed to repeat the steps more quickly. There are countless uses for TinyTask Portable, from launching programs and entering text, or setting up macros that can open your web browser with different web sites open for different tasks. Macros are incredibly flexible tools, and the fact that TinyTask Portable can not only use used from a USB drive, but that macros can be saved as programs in their own right only goes to increase the value of this free portable app.

To find out more and to download a free copy of this macro tool, pay a visit to the TinyTask Portable review page.

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