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Test the speed of your mobile internet connection with Mobile

23 March 2011, Software Publisher

Home broadband users have a plethora of ways in which they can test the speed of their internet connections and see how the actual performance compares to the claimed figures of ISPs. The same is not true for users of mobile devices, but by turning to Mobile, it is possible to test the speed of your connection on iOS and Android devices.

The app can be used to test the speed of your uploads and downloads so you can see how your device performs using a range of different mobile internet connections. Whether you are using wifi, EDGE or 3G, Mobile works in very much the same way and is a great companion to the web site.

While there is little that can be done to help speed up mobile internet connections , the app provides useful information that can be used to compare internet speeds around the country or across different mobile networks.

The slick interface is a joy to use and anyone who has used older versions of the app will be pleased to find that recent updates have helped to dramatically improve the performance and responsiveness.

Find out more and to download a copy of this free app, pay a visit to the Mobile review page.

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