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TweakIE9 enables you to tweak and customise Internet Explorer 9

14 March 2011, Software Publisher

Internet Explorer 9 may have only just been released by Microsoft, but already there is a tool available that can be used to tweak the browser to your liking. TweakIE9 is a free tweaking tool that can customise Microsoft Web browser in a number of ways, helping to iron out annoyances and make the program easier to use.

TweakIE9 includes a number of options, such as the ability to always start Internet Explorer 9 in InPrivate browsing mode, or to create a shortcut to make it easier to access this increase privacy mode. It is also possible to create a shortcut that can be used to launch another Internet Explorer session – these shortcuts can be added to the Quick Launch bar or pinned to the Start menu for ease of access.

Another interesting option provides users with the ability to create a custom start page that includes links to up to 24 web sites – this is a great way to create your own launcher page for the web sites you use most frequently. You can also customise the way in which browser tabs are displayed and choose whether page furniture such as the menu and status bar should be displayed.

As with all tweaking software, it is a good idea to create a backup of your settings so you have the option of reverting should you change your mind. Thankfully, TweakIE9 includes a backup and restore option that can be used for this very purpose.

If you have installed Internet Explorer 9, there is simply no excuse not to take TweakIE9 for a test drive. The program is completely free of charge, and while it does not include a huge range of options, you may well find that it addresses some of the annoyances you have experienced in the latest version of Internet Explorer. You can find out more and download yourself a copy of the program by paying a visit to the TweakIE9 review page.

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