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Manage, merge and share multiple iTunes libraries with SuperSync

03 March 2011, Software Publisher

Owning an iOS device is meant to make it easy to access the music you have stored on your computer – plug in and synchronise the latest tracks ready for listening to on the move. However, in practice, many of us regularly work with more than one computer, be it an office and home computer, or a laptop and desktop machine. Each of these computers may have a different selection of music on the hard drive, and SuperSync can be used to centralise your collection and ensure that everything you want is available by providing you with a single, constantly updated music library.

Using the app you can easily compare two iTunes libraries and decide which tracks need to be copied between libraries – synchronisation is a breeze and beats have to manually transfer tracks individually. This in itself is a useful feature, but SuperSync also provides an all-important backup option.

Your iTunes library is likely to be one of the largest collections of files on your computer, and also one of the most important, and the applications provides you with a quick and easy way to create a duplicate copy to safeguard your valuable music.

The software also makes it possible to access your entire music collection over the internet – so you can access our favourite tracks online when you are on holiday or visiting a friend. As well as making it much easier to work with music libraries stored on multiple computers, SuperSync will also come in very useful when you decide to buy a new computer. Whether you are upgrading an aging machine, or making the switch from Windows to Mac, the app can be used to quickly and easily backup and transfer your music collection so nothing is lost.

You will need to purchase a license for each computer you intend to install SuperSync on. Prices start as $25 for two licenses, but if you intend to work with more computers, five and ten licenses are available for $30 and $39 respectively. Find out more by visiting the SuperSync review page.

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