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MAGIX Music Maker 17 enables anyone to create music in a flash

20 November 2010, Software Publisher

Whatever your taste in music, it is likely that you have long harboured a dream of writing a music track. Some people are blessed with an ability to play a variety of musical instruments, but if this is not a skill you possess, it does not mean that all is lost. Unlike the vast majority of music creation software, MAGIX Music Maker 17 is simple to use, even if you have no previous musical experience.

One of the hardest aspects of creating music, whatever your level of ability may be, is simply getting started. Once you have started to produce a couple of basic ideas, you are likely to find that new ideas flow more easily and get you started on new creative ventures.

This is something that MAGIX Music Maker 17 excels at. Anyone who is familiar with music creation software will be able to jump right in and start working with loops, samples and the various audio tools that are available. Beginners will also find themselves immediately at home thanks to the program’s wonderfully intuitive interface.

As well as working with the massive built in sound library, you also have the option of importing music from CDs or MP3 ready to use in your own tracks or to apply special effects to. You can also plug in your real instruments to record individual tracks or turn to the selection of built in audio creation tools.

With a drum machine, a synthesiser and addition automatic music creation tools on hand, you can create a musical masterpiece in next to no time. The program can also be used to create soundtracks for you videos which can then be uploaded to YouTube or shared with others via social networks.

If you’re looking for a particularly quick way to get started, look no further than the Song Maker 2 component. By choosing a musical style, setting a tempo and configuring a few other basic options, you can create a track in just minutes. This can be used as inspiration, used as the basis for a track of your own – whether you fancy the idea of starting from scratch or tweaking the automatically created track with some of the many special effects and filters that can be found in the program.

There are two different version of the program available, MAGIX Music Maker 17 and MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium. You can read about both of these products at the Download Crew web site where you can also download trial version of the software.

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