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Laplink PCmover makes it easy to migrate programs and settings to a new PC

25 January 2010, Software Publisher

Laplink PCmoverHave you just bought a new computer and dreading the prospect of installing all of your favourite programs and configuring Windows to your liking? Laplink PCmover can help to make the transition as easy as possible enabling you to quickly and simply transfer not only your files from one computer to another, but also software and settings.

To make the migration as painless as possible, a few preparatory steps are needed. Data can be transferred using a special USB cable, removal media, or a network connection. Making use of a network connection is by far the quickest option (and this is how we will proceed), so it is worth networking your new computer before getting started. PCmover will need to be installed on both your old computer and your new one, but it needs to be run on the new machine first.

Launch the program and indicate that you are using your new computer before selecting how you intend to transfer data from one machine to the other. The program will analyse your computer and prompt you when it is time to run PCmover on your old computer. Move to your old computer, launch PCmover and indicate that this is the old machine before choosing the migration method again. In the case of a network migration, PCmover will automatically detect the presence of your new computer which you must select before clicking Next to continue.

There will be a slight pause while the contents of the two computers are compared and you will then be presented with the option of performing a full migration or opting to transfer only file, or files and settings. Having made your selection you can then customise the migration by selecting exactly what should be transferred to the new computer including which user accounts you want to keep. After selecting which hard drive should be used to copy data and indicating any folders you don’t want to transfer, PCmover will display a list of installed applications and from here you can select which should be transferred.

The program will then spend a little time collecting together all of the information that needs to be transferred before starting the migration process. Depending on the amount of data involved, the migration could take anything from a few minutes to several hours, but when the process is complete, your new computer will be ready to use complete with all of your familiar programs and settings.

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