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Website X5 2021.2 Pro makes setting up ecommerce sites simpler than ever thanks to new Product Sheet Pages

30 March 2021, Nick Peers

Italian developer Incomedia has released its second major update to the Website X5 Pro 2021 line with the release of Website X5 Pro 2021.2 Pro. This release focusses primarily on ecommerce sites with the introduction of a new Product Sheet Page feature, to help highlight products by giving them their own, automatically generated, separate pages.

Website X5 Pro, also available in a cheaper, cut-down Evo edition and the free, extremely function-limited Go edition, aims to simplify web building through a simple multi-step process that requires little or no HTML coding experience. The new Product Sheet Page feature is, however, exclusive to the Pro version.

Populating Product Sheet Pages is a simple task thanks to Website X5’s 'keep it simple' approach to web design.

Each Product Sheet, which is fully responsive for both mobile and desktop displays, makes it easy to add all the components users would expect to be able to provide prospective customers.

These include descriptive text – both a short description and longer explanatory features, which can be subdivided into tabs – as well as image galleries, which support videos as well as static images.

Product Sheets can also be used to highlight related products, invite (and display) customer reviews, plus provide both social and the all-important buy buttons.

Sheets can be connected directly to the product cards displayed on either the search page or within the Product Catalog Object – the cards gain a new Preview button that gives users a pop-up preview of the related Product Sheet page.

Product Sheet Pages also take advantage of Website X5’s recent added support for structured data to improve the visibility of pages in search engine results, ensuring rich snippets of data – including reviews, prices and availability – are displayed alongside the page’s entry on Google.

Incomedia helpfully provides an at-a-glance view of how a Product Sheet page is structured.

The new feature is accompanied by an updated online Control Panel and Website X5 Manager App, with new options to make it easier to moderate comments and reviews and manage conversations related to products.

Elsewhere, the Product Settings and Article Settings windows where product and blog information is entered have been streamlined to make them less crowded.

Several new link types have been added to blog posts – users can now link to specific posts and bring up a local preview of individual posts too.

The update is rounded off by adding support for PHP version 8, PHPMailer 6.3.0 and JQuery 3.6.0 to benefit both security and performance.

Website X5 Pro 2021.2 Pro is available now as a free, function-limited demo for PCs running Windows 7 SP1 or later. The update is free to registered 2021 users – new licenses cost $219.99.

Also available are Website X5 Evo 2021.2, which costs $79.99, and the free starter edition, Website X5 Go 2021.2. This is limited to 15 customisable templates, automatic mobile version, and up to 10 pages per website.

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