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Ultra Virus Killer

A powerful set of tools for manually removing malware and repairing your PC

by Mike Williams

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License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP
Languages: English
Software Cost: Free
Date Updated: 18 January 2015
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Downloads To Date: 3148
Developer: Carifred
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Ultra Virus Killer
A powerful set of tools for manually removing malware and repairing your PC

A name like "Ultra Virus Killer" might make you think this program will strip your PC of malware all on its own, but the truth is a little more complicated: the package is more about providing tools to help you manually find and remove unwanted programs, then repair any damage they might have caused.

And so you get modules to view running processes, and the DLLs and other files they're using. The program allows you to control Windows startup programs, services, drivers and more. An alternate streams manager looks for suspect NTFS streams; you get a program to help you delete files or folders, even if they're in use; and there are modules to clean and repair your PC, even protect your Registry from modification, so maybe helping you to avoid infection in the first place.

Much of this will sound very familiar, but the program offers far more than you'll expect. The "Process Manager" isn't some feeble take on Task Manager, for instance. It's specifically oriented to malware hunting, with tools to delete multiple processes at the same time, to verify a file signature, to pause and resume a process, to search for it on Google, run process-specific checks at VirusTotal/ ThreatExpert/ Runscanner, and more.

And there's the same level of power just about everywhere you look. The "System Repair" module, for example, has tools to reset your host file and DNS to their default state; reset your PC's group policies; reset your Registry and NTFS security settings; get Windows Update working again; install or update various key components (DirectX/ Java/ Flash/ .NET); clear all your temporary folders, re-register all Windows DLLs, and the list goes on.

There are also dangers here. Resetting Registry permissions, re-registering DLLs and so on might solve some very difficult problems, but should things go wrong then they could also seriously damage your PC. And UVK does have several components which may have adverse effects (the Immunize function may prevent some malware infections, but it can also interfere with legitimate installations). This isn't a program to use unless you know what you're doing, and always have a full system backup to hand.

If you're an experienced Windows user, though, UVK has a lot to offer, being absolutely packed with effective malware hunting, PC maintenance and repair options.

Version (Full Changelog):
   - File hash calculation is now skipped for files greater than 64 MB, which is the max file size for Virustotal uploads. This will improve performance when creating the UVK log, and also prevent the application from blocking while calculating the hash of a big file.
   - Updated the Install windows fixit center fix, in the System repair section. Now it uses the new MS Fixit portable, which contains 28 troubleshooters. The tool is installed in the Third party folder and the setup process is fully automated.
   - New feature: After cleaning the temp folders, UVK tells how much free HDD space has been gained.
   - The System booster scan now also searches for invalid references to Windows help files. Additionally, the Invalid file extensions scan is more accurate.
   - Updated the RogueKiller scan third party app. Now it uses the 64 or 32 bits version according to the actual OS archtecture. Thanks Charger440!
   - New feature: Professional reports also survive reboot. When UVK continues a system repair operation after a reboot it will remember the professional report used before reboot, and continue writing to it.
   - New feature: When UVKPortable is launched by dragging a UVKSR file over UVKPortable.exe, UVK will always load that UVKSR file when you go to the System repair section, until you either unload the file or unset Auto load the last UVKSR file, in the Options section.
   - The  System booster also scans for errors in the Windows installer database.
   - New fix: Install/Update Shockwave player. This new fix will install or update the Adobe shockwave player. The process is totally automated, even if "Use unattended mode" is unchecked.
   - Improved the Smart uninstaller's forced uninstall feature. Now it removes all Windows installer information of the selected programs, where applicable.
   - New fix: Run MS Install/Uninstall troubleshooter. This new fix downloads and runs the Microsoft troubleshooter for program install/uninstall issues.
   - New fix: Cleanup MSI orphan files. When installing/uninstalling programs results in errors, orphan files are left over in the Windows installer folder, which may, over time, use a large ammount of HDD space. This fix will safely remove those orphan files.
   - New fix: Run full disk cleanup. This new fix will run the Windows disk cleanup utility and scan the system drive. On Windows vista and higher, Windows update and Service pack files will be automatically scanned.
   - New built in third party app: RogueKiller scan. UVK will download RogueKiller if it's not already up to date, and run the tool.
   - New built in third party app: Junkware removal tool. UVK will download JRT if it's not already up to date, and automatically start a scan.
   - The Smart uninstaller now scans more registry locations, including Firewall rules and Windows installer folders.
   - The registry backup/restore feature also saves/restores the System user registry hive (HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT).


While it leaves you to do most of the work, Ultra Virus Killer is an excellent suite of manual malware hunting tools, and there are some very useful PC maintenance and repair modules thrown in, too

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