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NexusFont 2.7.1

Quickly preview, install, uninstall or back up your PCs fonts with this clever font manager

Operating Systems:
Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP
JungHoon Noh
Software Cost:
Design & Illustration
Date Updated:
28 November 2022
Downloads To Date:
Download Size:
2.21 MB

Choosing the appropriate font in Windows is usually a lengthy process involving lots of trial and error. You'll see a font that looks like it might work, but the sample text in the font selection dialog is never enough to find out, so you'll pick fonts, one by one, until you find the best.

NexusFont improves on this immediately by letting you create your own custom sample text. Type a lengthy sentence, if you like; choose the colour, the font size or style; and the program will immediately display your text using each installed font, so it's very easy to spot which one best suits your needs.

Surprisingly, you can also customise NexusFont to include fonts that you haven't installed yet. Just point the program to a folder containing any fonts you've downloaded, and they'll also be displayed on the list. This works as a useful preview tool, giving you a closer look at particular fonts without having to go to the hassle of downloading them.

And of course there are plenty of convenient management tools to help keep your fonts in order. You can copy selected fonts to a folder, for instance, to create a backup; find duplicate fonts by searching the folders you specify; install new fonts, or uninstall existing unused fonts to improve your PCs performance.


A very handy add-on for anyone who has lots of fonts and regularly needs to choose between them

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Yohan Perera
18 January 2012 00:46, Yohan Perera
I have used NexusFont in the past and it certainly has a nice interface and many useful features. Unfortunately the application needs to rebuild the font list every time you open it, and this takes time on slow PCs. May be the developer has changed this behavior in this version. I don't know.
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