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Eagle Mode 0.94.1

An innovative zoomable file manager

Operating Systems:
Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista
Open Source
Eagle Mode
Software Cost:
System & Desktop Tools
Date Updated:
08 April 2019
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Eagle Mode is a file manager, viewer and player, with an unusual zoomable interface.

The program starts by displaying a series of panels. The largest represents your user profile directory, and there are others for each of your drives.

To navigate, all you have to do is move the mouse cursor over a panel, and spin the mouse wheel to zoom in.

If you're zooming in on drive D, for instance, you'll see more panels appear representing its folders. To zoom into a folder, move the mouse cursor over it, and spin the mouse wheel again, then repeat the process to get wherever you're going.

Any files in these folders are also visible as you're navigating. At a minimum, you'll see the file name, size, creation dates, attributes and owners, and a few file types also have some kind of preview (thumbnails for graphics, text view for plain text files etc).

There are lots of actions available for the objects you're viewing. At its simplest, double-clicking a file launches it or opens it in the default viewer, while double-clicking a folder opens a command window at that location.

The "File Manager" section of the toolbar offers many other options - Copy, Move, Clone, Exchange, Rename, Delete, Pack, Unpack and more. There are so many options that the buttons become tiny and they're not clearly visible, but there's an easy fix: move the mouse cursor over the toolbar, spin the mouse wheel, and you can zoom in there, too.

Browse the toolbar and you'll find assorted extras, including an analogue clock and a chess game, all using the same zoomable interface.

Version 0.94.1 (changelog):

- Improved video performance on multi-core CPUs a little.
- Prohibited starting up after failure in creating initial bookmarks.
 -Reviewed and improved various details concerning protection against unwanted file system changes.
- Colorized file manager command execution messages on Windows 10.


Eagle Mode's zooming interface is a great idea, well implemented and easy to use. The file manager has too many quirks and omissions for us - no right-click context menu, no click and drag to multiselect files - but it's still a fun program overall. Go take a look.

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